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{NEWS} Eunhyuk exposes Minho on Oh! My School

On a recent episode of KBS’s Oh! My School, Super Junior member Eunhyuk and SHINee member Minho were involved in a hilarious segment

Minho wanted to change his clothing but being the shy type that he is, he wanted the protection of a blanket cover so his body wouldn’t be exposed. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for fan girls, Eunhyuk had other ideas and pulled the blanket cover off of him in the middle of changing shirts.

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{TRANS} A battle between Song Joongki and Minho at 100 School Variety Show

Song Joongki will have a talk battle with SHINee’s Minho, who is known to be a close friend, at the corner “Have You Ever Done This?”, part of the 3rd discussion class at the show.

In the embarrassing battle between Song Joongki and Minho, two front-runners of Flower Boy Stars, standing together in a hoola-hoop, Song made a witty attack by asking, “Have you been paid less than a dog?"

Trans by jujugal@soompi
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Jumat, 26 November 2010

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{NEWS} S.M. The Ballad postpones album release to Nov 29th

SM Entertainment’s new ballad group S.M. The Ballad has postponed the release date of their upcoming album.

SM announced Thursday that S.M. The Ballad’s first album “Longing For You,” originally set to go on sale today, will hit online and offline stores on November 29, while the title track of the same name will be available on various online music sites a day before the album’s release.

The decision comes with the country being in a state of grievance after North Korea fired scores of artillery shells at a South Korean island near the border in the Yellow Sea on Tuesday, killing two soldiers and two civilians and injuring dozens of others.

“Longing For You” is a ballad track which expresses the sadness of a man who cannot hang onto the love of his life.

The upcoming album will feature a total of five tracks including Super Junior member Kyuhyun’s solo song “Once Again…I Love You” and TRAX’s Jay’s tune “Tomorrow…”

S.M. The Ballad, composed also of SHINee’s Jonghyun and new singer Jino, is a ballad project formed by top Korean agency SM. Their album will also feature collaborations with various singers including Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung-yup and Eco Bridge Honeydew’O.

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Kamis, 25 November 2010

{NEWS} 101123 SM The Ballad's Jonghyun and Jino to release duet teaser for 'Don't Lie' ft. Super Junior M's Henry

Fresh off the release of their teaser for the track "Hot Times", SM The Ballad will be back for the song "Don't Lie". The song features the regular four boys, Jay, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and Jino as well as the rapping talents of Super Junior M's Henry.

"Dont Lie" is features an electronic piano and has a warm feel to the song, showcasing a thick bass and deep vocal chorus. The song will be of the "neo-soul" genre. Combining Jonghyun and the charming vocals of newcomer Jino, Super Junior M's member Henry helps the song become even more attractive with his rapping skills.

SM The Ballad will release their first album "Really Miss You" on November 25th. You can pre-order it on YesAsia. Are you looking forward to it?

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{NEWS} 101122 SHINee, SNSD, and f(x) model for 2011 calendars

SHINee, Girls' Generation and f(x) will be releasing a star calendar available in two different versions. The first, will be one for putting on a desk and the second will be one that you can hang on a wall. G-Market and Auction will have exclusive rights to these calendars, so make sure you're familiar on how to purchase from these two sites! Pre-orders will begin on November 23rd and will end on December 5th.

Those who make reservations will have the chance to win an autographed copy. There will be 90 people in total who can win this copy! Additionally, 60,000 people will have a chance to win an extra mini-calendar.

SHINee's calendar is themed "SHINee meets friends" and shows a classical, unique style with the boys in vintage clothing and special props. F(x) calendar is titled "Innocent f(x), Tained with nature" and will showcase the girls in an "innocent way" with white outfits and colourful props. Girls' Generation will be titled "Candid GIRLS with me" and showcases the members posing naturally and friendly.

Finally, the three groups will also release a phone app.

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Minggu, 21 November 2010

{NEWS} SHINee, Beast and 2PM to battle in Japan

SHINee’s first Japanese stage is their concert on December 26th. We reported earlier that all of their seats sold out so they had to schedule a second time because of high demand. SHINee has never formally debuted in Japan, but their title song “Lucifer” has even reached 8th place on the Oricon charts.

2PM will be working with Sony Music, and Beast will be working with Universal Music. The two groups will be putting on a showcase on the November 24th and November 27th, respectively, and will be putting on DVDs in Japan. Seems like it’s going to be a pretty fierce battle to grab the top place in Japan. Since DBSK has left the top place vacant, it’s up for grabs for any of these three. Who do you think will end up on top?

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Sabtu, 20 November 2010

{PERF} 101120 SHINee - 2010 Korea University Valkyrie Concert, 2010 Concert for Examinees

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{NEWS} Interview Actress Han Ji-hye Mentioned Minho

Han Ji-hye now has seven years of acting experience under her belt, a career long enough to consider KBS TV series “Sweet 18,” the first TV series she played the female lead, a drama from her past. And it may have seemed like she came to a brief halt when she showed similar acting skills in film “My Boyfriend is Type B” and “Sweet 18,” but she expanded the range of characters she plays through MBC drama “East of Eden” and film “Blades of Blood.” The reckless high school girl who had no particular dream in “Sweet 18″ has matured into a woman who helps a young man achieve his dreams in “KBS Drama Special: Pianist” and a reliable senior to SHINee member Minho who is taking his first shot at acting.

10: You’re standing in front of the camera for the first time in a year since getting married.
Han Ji-hye: I actually went to a lot of events such as film festivals but the last time I appeared in a TV series was “East of Eden.” I really missed acting a lot during the short time I was on the break so I was thinking I’d be happy to be whatever role I was given. That’s when I was offered this role so I’m taking part in filming for the drama thinking that I’m shooting a short film.

10: How did you feel the first time you read the script for “Pianist”?
Han: I felt that it was a piece that would go well with winter because a lot of calm classical music plays in the background. I actually don’t listen to classical music that much but I think it’ll be a great drama even for people who don’t know much or are not interested in classical music.

10: In-sa is someone who helps Je-ro (Minho) achieve his dream although she has given up on hers. What is your interpretation of her?
Han: She’s just an ordinary girl. Just like there are tons of people around you or me who have not achieved their dreams, In-sa dreamed of becoming the world’s greatest pianist when she was young but ends up living as a part-time instructor. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to the story right away in that sense.

10: You have mostly played characters that are bright and cheerful but this time, your character is a gloomy person who lives a life completely opposite from the life she originally wanted.
Han: That’s why I’m so excited. (laugh) I can’t play cheerful characters forever so I wanted to show a new side to me. I personally hope my character will be seen as someone who never laughed until she met Je-ro. That’s why the director actually asked me to tone down on the gloominess when we rehearsed our lines so I have but she’s someone who was very dark in the beginning, then starts laughing after she meets Je-ro, then is depressed again for a short while, but ends up living a happy life.

10: It sounds like In-sa’s emotional change depends on Je-ro’s presence. It couldn’t have been easy to portray such change through a single-episode drama.
Han: I learned a lot about how to contain my emotions within my eyes and speak with them, and about reacting to the other person’s reaction by working on movie “Blades of Blood.” I think the effort I put in into trying to analyze and express each scene delicately helped a lot. I think I’ve changed a lot in terms of how I act.

10: In a way, your character is someone who supports main character Je-ro.
Han: Actors actually dream of playing such roles. Women are usually the passive ones in dramas but In-sa leads the story in “Pianist.” That’s what I like about it.

10: You’re working opposite SHINee member Minho who is acting for the first time. How has it been?
Han: I was happy when I first found out that he was cast for the drama. It may be because he’s in a group but he wasn’t shy and friendly so he comes up to me to talk about this and that. And I wasn’t worried about him in regards to his acting because the fact that we were going to act together in the drama was important, not how good or bad of an actor he is. It’s true that he lacked a lot in terms of acting out his lines because it’s his first time acting so we read over the script several times. Minho is very busy (laugh) so we read over the script at eleven at night and once in Yeouido at nine thirty at night. But he’s increasingly doing a better job over time. It’s probably because he’s been in front of the camera a lot.

10: Je-ro is a 21-year-old guy who is a beginner at love and can’t afford to achieve his dream by himself so it has to be important and difficult for him to express that frustration. How was it having to watch him pull that off?
Han: I think Minho as himself is Je-ro without needing any particular lessons in acting. When he sometimes puts on long and hard gazes like he does on stage as an idol singer, the director would tell him, “Je-ro isn’t like that. You have to give a shy glance.” And he would then immediately give a shy glance with his big eyes. (laugh)

10: What is Je-ro to In-sa who no longer has any dreams and is unmoved when it comes to love?
Han: He’s very special to her because he helps her find the vitality she had forgotten about. So he is someone who is refreshing to her but she worries over the fact that he is too young. He then ends up becoming someone who makes her more frustrated and hurt.

10: It’s been seven years now since you made your acting debut in 2003 through movie “Singles.” Do you think you have changed in terms of determination or attitude toward acting?
Han: I have formed the habit of taking notes after writing a book recently. And thanks to the iPhone, I can still take notes without having to carry around a pen and paper so I keep taking notes when I’m on set as well. People think I’m sending text messages. (laugh) I write down things like ‘I liked how I expressed my emotions in this scene but my facial expression didn’t bring it out enough’ or ‘I had a tough time shooting this scene today.’ Then I’ll refer back to them when I’m in a similar situation and even if it’s not related to the shoot, I’ll just jot down thoughts that I have in my mind.

10: What did you take note of while working on “Pianist”?
Han: Minho recently told me that his fans are most important to him which is actually hard for actors to say because singers are always performing in front of an audience but actors don’t so they quite often forget how important fans are. So I wrote it down because it inspired me.

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{NEWS} SHINee's solo concert gets a new venue

It was reported recently that SHINee’s solo concert will have a new date and location.

On November 19th, a representative from SM Entertainment revealed, ‘It has been decided that SHINee will have a concert on January 1st and 2nd at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.‘

The original dates for the SHINee concert were for December 18th and 19th, but the venue was changed to accomodate fans from both Korea and Asia, due to an explosive interest in the concert.

Tickets will be on sale on November 31st at 8:00PM KST via Gmarket.

Source: SPN Allkpop
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{NEWS} On The Set of "KBS Drama Special: Pianist:, Minho's acting debut

"200 SHINee fans follow us around so it's really hard to shoot the drama." Well, 200 may be an exaggeration. But then again, of course there will be fans wherever Minho goes. That is why we expected the set of "KBS Drama Special: Pianist" to be somewhat hectic but luckily, the Eulwangri Beach in the Jung-gu district of Incheon, where the shoot was well under way, was peaceful. It may have been because his female fans were tied down at school with filming taking place on a weekday afternoon. Instead, it was middle-aged women who got to enjoy the sight in front of their eyes while blurting out remarks such as "I might freeze to death while taking these photos" or "My, isn't he handsome" while pressing down on the shutter of their cameras. And as if she had already become used to it, actress Han Ji-hye silently kept her eyes fixed on the sandy beach, repeatedly drawing and erasing two circles with a twig while Minho gazed at her intently.

After several such attempts, what gets completed is the infinite sign (∞). In-sa (Han Ji-hye), who early into her life gave up on the dream of becoming a pianist and is a part-time instructor, says to aspiring pianist yet piano tuner Je-ro (Minho), "This is the infinite sign. It's the same as your name. You're living a special life, Je-ro." And the moment that picture which looks like it will so easily get washed away by the waves takes place in Je-ro's heart, the two's relationship deepens. In that sense, the beach has special meaning for Minho who is making his acting debut through the last episode of KBS' single-episode series. After the two characters meet by chance, Insa starts to smile again and Je-ro heads closer to achieving his dream. "Pianist" will air at 11:15 p.m. on November 27.
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{NEWS} SM to debut ballad project group SM THE BALLAD

슈퍼주니어 규현과 샤이니 종현, 트랙스 제이가 신예 JINO(지노, 18)와 발라드 그룹을 결성했다.

SM엔터테인먼트는 새 발라드 프로젝트 S.M. THE BALLAD(S.M. 더 발라드)가 26일 첫 번째 앨범 '너무 그리워'를 발표한다고 19일 밝혔다.

‘S.M. THE BALLAD’는 SM 소속 아티스트뿐만 아니라 다양한 가수들의 참여와 콜라보레이션을 통해 완성도 높은 발라드 음악을 선사하겠다는 취지로 탄생된 프로젝트다.

이번에 발매되는 첫 앨범에는 트랙스 제이와 슈퍼주니어 규현, 샤이니 종현, 지노가 참여했다. S.M. THE BALLAD를 통해 데뷔하는 지노는 2년간 트레이닝 받았다.

Super Junior Kyu Hyun, SHINee Jonghyun, TRAX Jay, and new singer JINO (18) formed a ballad group.

SM Entertaiment announced on Nov. 19 that the first album "Missing You So Much" by the new ballad project S.M. THE BALLAD wil be out on Nov. 26.

'S.M. THE BALLAD" is a project to make well-made ballad music through participation and collaboration of SME artists and other singers.

TRAX Jay, Super Junior Kyu Hyun, SHINee Jonghyun, and JINO participated in the first album. JINO, trained for 2 years, debuts with the S.M. THE BALLAD.

korean source: leeuh@newsen / translation: jujugal@soompi

[Sport Today Reporter Han Yoonjong] On the 26th, SM will release the first album from their new launched ballad project ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ with title “Really Miss You”.

For creating this new project, S.M THE BALLAD will present the best quality ballad songs through participation and collaboration with various singers, not only with SM’s artist.

This project is expected to receive lots of love from many music fan base because of the harmonized ballad which is anticipated to be presented through SM’s excellent producing capability and with various vocal’s colors.

TRAX Jay, Super Junior Kyuhyun, SHINee Jonghyun and also SM’s rookie Jino; all 4 members who have explosive singing capability participate in this first released album. Their various individual vocal’s colors and beautiful harmony with emotional ballad (songs) are enough to mesmerize woman’s heart in this cold winter.

Especially will debut through S.M THE BALLAD; Jino who was casted on 2008 is expected to get a high interest from music fans as a talented rookie with his great singing, combining with 2 years of training

In addition, Super Junior and SHINee’s members who gain popularity in Asia through their intense performance, are able to be met with their new charm in ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ ; it is to receive a great response from Asia music fans

Meanwhile, Vol. 1 “Really Miss You” of ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ is scheduled to be released on the 26th.

source : ASIAE
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