Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

{NEWS} Rumor Alert! An SM Town Winter Album 2010 May Be In The Works

While the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, a screenshot of the tracklist for the SM Town Winter 2010 appeared today.

The album will apparently be titled This Winter and will be available on December 25th for Christmas.

The track list goes as follows. (This is what I gathered from the screenshot, I believe the names at the end are the producers which means BoA produced a track!)

1. “This Winter” — All of SM Town (Produced by Kenzie)
2. “See U” — U-Know/Max (Produced by Yoo Yeong Jin)
3. “White Wishes” — BoA (Produced by Uamaguch)
4. “Snow Flower” — Girls Generation (Produced by Kenzie)
5. “White Say” — Super Junior (Produced by E-TRIBE)
6. “White” — SHINee (Produced by Joo Tae Yeong)
7. “Guitar Song” — Kangta — (Produced by Kangta)
8. “Coupleling” — Max and Girls Generation’s Seohyun (Produced by BoA)
9. “Winter Love” — BoA (Produced by ats)
10. ” (With Coffee)”– Girls Generation/U-Know/Max (Produced by muri)
11. “M.L.P” — All of SM Town (Produced by zoo)

source : [Link.]
credit : mtvkorea + Keysomnia @ SHINee World Indonesia

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